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Croisières du Monde

is our most important project, launched in August 2010 and still growing. The platform features cruise news and ships discoveries.

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West Indies Productions

is our new and newest project, based on filmmaking, we're still studying all production types. Our two first videos are about French Guiana and animated End Credits.

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A long story

Since 2010, Croisières du Monde never stopped growing. The story began in August 2010 on a blog platform named OverBlog. We were only publishing little cruise news for this time.

During fall 2011, we decided to leave OverBlog as soon as possible, to be more independant than ever. When reporting about Costa Concordia's accident, we realized we needed our new platform right now. In the end of January, 2012, was born.

Since that time, Croisières du Monde contains more than a hundred news written in French, bilingual ship discoverying platform, with more than 30 ships you can visit, follow, and comment ! Now, we're working on ports discoveries !

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A new way to take

In May 2014, CDMGroup was founded in order to group Croisières du Monde and our new project, West Indies Productions.

The name comes from the place we live. The goal of WIProds is to make videos from the places we visit and some 3D animations. We are still working on the development of the project.

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Getting Social

The CDMGroup really thinks social networks take a big part in marketing today. That's why all our products can be found on social networks such as Twitter, Google Plus or Youtube, either for Croisières du Monde or West Indies Productions.

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